Product Description

✔ Take it on the plane. It’s also FDA approved

✔ Joystick can be mounted on left or right arm rest

✔ Arm Rests can be raised on both sides for easy side access to the seat

✔ Adjustable Anti-Tipper tires for safety

✔ High Quality Lithium Ion Phosphate battery that gets up 7+Miles

✔ Fits in car trunks equal or bigger than a Honda Civic / Ford Focus / Chevy Cruze.

✔ Super Heavy Duty Portable Wheelchair, Foldable in seconds




This chair is awesome! I have ALS and have a very large and heavy power wheelchair that I choose not to travel with. I do not like being pushed around and prefer to drive my chair. I was able to find this chair and it was the best of both worlds. I get to drive and with its ease of being folded up it can fit into any vehicle. The airlines were great with the chair as well. It is able to be folded up, placed in its storage bag, and the airline had it ready for us as I departed the plane. The battery life was great and the chair is comfortable! I highly recommend this chair if you prefer to have your independence!!

Sarah Olsen / Gives you independence with portability

With breathing difficulties it is virtually impossible to perform tasks required on a small farm. I searched for months looking for a wheelchair that had the major features to accommodate my needs, The Wildcat has sturdiness, strength,long battery life, high ground clearance, comfort, and ease of control. After several months of use in all kinds of weather and a variety of ground conditions I could not be more pleased with my Wildcat. It also performs exceptionally well when shopping in outdoor and indoor malls. Thank you for creating a great wheelchair.

George E McKenney / Stylish and functional

After researching many chairs we are very thankful that we decided on the ComfyGO Wildcat power wheelchair. It was fairly simple to put together. We had a question which was answered very quickly and professionally. Once it was charged we took it out front to try it out. Within 15 minutes several of our neighbors joined us and tried out the chair. It was unanimously agreed that it was very comfortable and easy to operate. We were able to easily load it into the back of our car for an outing. An extra bonus was the great price. Compared to other chairs it was quite a bargain.

Linda Goedde / Great electric wheelchair

love that this unit is easy to turn, it is easy to maneuver between furniture. It is clean and neat looking. It is also easy to backup. I went from a mobility scooter to this chair. I read reviews on many of these units. The Wildcat had the best information and totally lives up to my expectations. It was delivered in a carton completely assembled. The only thing that needed any attention was the joystick. My husband had that attached in a matter of minutes. I absolutely love this chair.

Suzanne / This mobility unit performs exactly as described.